A Mid-Winter Break’s Dream

An environmental theater and installation art camp

Brought to you by KoKo NYC in partnership with Spoke the Hub

Ages 7-13

February 19-23, 9am-3 pm


Extended Day Program from 3-5:30 pm: $125/week.
Scholarships available for qualifying families.

 QUESTIONS? Email Lea at lea@kokonyc.org

For the week of Mid-Winter Break our group of kids will take over the entire floor of our building at 234 Butler St. and transform it into a multi-room, interactive theater installation in the spirit of Sleep No More. As in all KoKo workshops, the kids will be in charge of the design and building using tools and recycled materials.

Our group will create a fully immersive theatrical experience including a mysterious interactive set along with costumes, hidden props, clues and other details. Each child will decide how they want to contribute to the larger whole (we will need set builders, costume designers, lighting designers, actors, dancers, prop makers, directors and writers).

We will create a full sensory experience for our audience, exploring how to use smells, tastes and more. We will also create multi-media experiences utilizing film, music and dance. The process will be guided by several of our top teaching artists working in film, scenic design, theatre, dance, installation art and costume design.

The camp will culminate in a public theatrical event on the evening of the final day!

SAMPLE DAILY SCHEDULE (subject to change)

9-10: Group get-to-know you games/Introduction to Environmental Theatre

  • Examining all the elements that need to come together to create the show
  • Looking at all the roles that kids could potentially play

10-10:30: Creative tour of the space to spark ideas.

  • How can we maximize the theatrical, experiential potential of every inch of the space?


  • Exploring each of the main elements with three 30 minute mini-workshops that all kids rotate through (Theater/dance, set/prop/costume building). At the end, kids will decide what their focus will be.

As one large group we will work together to create the concept for the show

  • Talking through genres, character ideas, where the show takes place.
  • Does it utilize the plot of a film, play or story as a jumping off point? Or is it totally original?
  • What is the look, feel etc. of the show?  Are there specific materials we want to re-purpose?
  • Improvisations based on the kids ideas—using characters, scenes etc.
  • GOAL 1: by the end of the day, we have solidified our concept and have made an overarching plan for the rest of the week, understanding how each element will be involved.
  • GOAL 2: each child has decided what their main role will be in the production and which of the 2 groups they will primarily work in. They can also choose a secondary focus that they participate in more peripherally (ie: a set-builder could also have a small theatrical role, or help the production team etc).


  • The two break-out groups meet for the first time.
    • Within the theatrical/building teams, kids choose the more specific roles that they want to play and the two groups create a game plan for the week


  • Group meets as a whole to coordinate ideas, revisit concept and plan for the next day.

3:00-4:00: Teacher meeting to plan for next day.

  • Teachers use what the kids came up with to prepare for the next day including coordinating the materials etc.