Election Day 2017 Film Camp!

On Tuesday, 11/7/17, from 9-5:30 we held our first Election Day Film Camp followed by a film screening for parents and friends at our KoKo Annex Space at 234 Butler St. in Gowanus. Koko NYC teaching artists and filmmakers worked with kids to create a short documentary film about Election Day 2017.

In today’s political climate we felt it was especially important for kids to be able to creatively engage, explore and participate in the process.


Teaching artist Kenia Guillen, originally from El Salvador, brought her passion for helping children tell stories of their communities through writing and film. Filmmakers Jean-Louis Droulers and Federico Poey gave the children a crash course in the technical aspects of filming including how to use a boom, camera and basic editing. Together the group conducted interviews with local residents and each other as they examined the election process and learned how to make a short film.  The kids did everything themselves including the filming, editing interviewing and directing. All in a fun and child-led environment with lots of moving around!