We are excited to offer classes for home school groups!  You’ll find upcoming class info and registration links on this page.

Questions? Email our Arts Education Director Lea Bender at lea@kokonyc.org.


Ages 7-9
Time/Dates: Tuesdays, 10:30-12:00 pm, April 10th-June 12th

Ages: 9-11
Time/Dates: Tuesdays, 12:30-2:00 pm, April 10th-June 12th

Teacher: Katya Khan
Location: KoKo NYC, 234 Butler St., Brooklyn
Price: $250/student, 10 weeks

Minimum enrollment: 6 students. Maximum enrollment: 12 students

Description: In these times, when we need to process loads of data of various complexity on a daily basis, the skill of graphicacy becomes extremely important. Graphicacy is the ability to comprehend and produce visual representations of information (graphs, diagrams, maps, etc.). Like literacy and numeracy (the abilities to read language and to manipulate numbers, respectively), graphicacy is also necessary for human communication. As anyone can tell you, however, interpreting informational graphics (think political maps, weather maps, public health charts) is not always intuitive. We must learn how to read graphic representations the same way we learn to read any written language. Graphic representations can be misleading, even dangerously so, just like words. So how do we learn to read and understand informational graphics?

One way is to start with maps! Maps are one of the earliest forms of visual information, and are inherently accessible to children. They bridge the real world and the abstract world, and can prepare children for understanding graphs of mathematical data and tables of scientific information. Mapmaking is useful for the purpose of teaching social studies and geography, and concept mapping is an excellent tool for helping children organize their own thinking, and begin to think critically. The workshops will introduce the concepts of scale, location, direction and geographic relationships through diagnostic mapping exercises (drawing familiar places from memory: home and vicinities), exploration walks, spacial games, model-making map drawing and creation of treasure hunt maps. The older class will also work on creating creating accurate indoor maps and floor plans, accurate outdoor maps as well as literature-based mapping projects.


Ages: 7-9
Time/Dates: Fridays, 1:30-2:30, April 13th – June 15th
Teacher: Andrew Jan Hauner
Location: KoKo NYC, 234 Butler St., Brooklyn
Price: $175/student, 10 weeks

Minimum enrollment: 6 students. Maximum enrollment: 12 students

Kids will discover how and why each of the six basic simple machines was invented (inclined plane, wedge, lever, wheel and axle, screw, pulley) as they apply this knowledge towards a series of fun challenges. Through trial and error experiments, kids will work together in small teams to build simple and compound machines and have a chance to practice collaborative problem solving and creative solutions. The workshop will also include learning about artists that are also scientists -from Renaissance artists such as Leonardo da Vinci to contemporaries Fischli and Weiss – who will inspire the group to create their own original inventions. Koko NYC’s goal is to spark scientific inspiration through a FUN, exploratory, hands on creative learning process.


Ages: 12-16
Time/Dates: Thursdays, 1-3 pm March 15-June 7th 
Teacher: Monika Wuhrer (KoKo NYC Founder) + a KoKo teaching assistant
Location: 234 Butler St., Brooklyn
Price: $475/student, 12 weeks

+ Maiden Voyage on June 10th at Plumb Beach -friends and families welcome! (Note: no class on April 5th)

Minimum enrollment: 6 students. Maximum enrollment: 8 students

Description: Boat Building is a sink AND swim workshop that explores the physics of boat building by creating flotation devices. Participants learn how to use planning, engineering, woodworking and critical thinking to create functional boats and models. Kids will explore traditional and experimental methods of building. The class will culminate in a Maiden Voyage on the waters of Brooklyn on June 10, 2018 when they will put their creations to the test! Boats will be created mainly out of found materials. We will create blueprints and small model floats, boats and steering mechanisms, as well as larger boats that we will work on as a group!