Beginning Fall 2017 we are offering two new Koko NYC classes for your after school program!  Please contact Lea at for more information on pricing and materials.


A new podcast class from Koko NYC!

Grades 4 and up.

In this workshop, we will discover the the fundamentals of audio production. Using portable recorders, students will have an opportunity to create narrative-based and musical audio pieces, learning recording and editing processes along the way. We will capture “wild sounds,” sounds of New York City that surround us every day but we never truly hear, and edit them into musical masterpieces using GarageBand. Students will also learn interviewing techniques and create profiles of their fellow classmates, learning how to make a story come to life using the power of their own voices. At the end of the course, students will have the chance to share their sounds with each other in a collaborative Dropbox folder, and walk away with valuable audio recording and editing skills of their own.


Grades 3-5

Students will learn how the elements of lighting, music, screenwriting, acting and directing come together to tell a powerful story on screen. We will begin by exploring what kinds of stories the kids in this group want to tell. Then, we will discover how a singular element such as lighting a scene can contribute to the effect on the viewer. The whole class will work together on the final product (depending on the interest of the group this will be either one longer movie or a series of shorts). Steeped in the core values that are at the heart of all of of Koko NYC’s classes, the ideas from our group will form the basis of our creative work. We will hold a screening for parents and friends on the final day!