Recycled materials

Found objects




Our teachers will help guide and encourage your child as they choose recyclables such as plastic bottles, cardboard and paper to create sculptures that, when combined with littleBits, come to life and light up, twist, turn, buzz, blink, and shake! Through the process of designing and building, your child will experience the practical and cultural possibilities of new inventions!

(K-2, OR 3-5)

A marble runs down a ramp and hits a light switch! A slingshot triggers a motion sensor! Our youngest inventors will explore the magic of chain reactions with inspiration from our friend Rube Goldberg who famously brought engineering and silliness together! Through trial and error, your child will figure out how to make their own simple Rube Goldberg device using recycled objects and littleBits! Our older 3-5 grade groups will take it to the next level, figuring out how to link their individual inventions together to create one big machine!


This workshop draws from your child’s natural instinct to explore the real world through fantasy. Kids will design and build a robotic bionic body part and animate it with littleBits! On the final day, kids will assemble their pieces and suit up for an epic battle!

(GRADES 3-5)

Learn about the incredible makeup of our universe by taking a look at current NASA projects and uncovering fascinating details about the planets. As part of the workshop, each child will choose a planet they want to explore, then build their own eco-friendly rover to transport them there. Taking into account the unique challenges the planet poses to space voyagers, kids will design their rovers using the NASA engineered littleBits Space Kit (that was created with the help of Koko NYC founder Monika Wuhrer)! Elements such as the planet’s temperature, surface and distance from Earth will be considered as kids construct their own interplanetary vessels!

(Grades 3-5)

This class takes our standard BitBots class to the next level. Each week, students learn a new engineering concept, either starting a single-day project or continuing a multi-week group project. We will integrate hands-on building experience with demonstrations of engineered objects in the world that use the same concepts. Through the process of designing and building, your child will experience the practical and cultural possibilities of new inventions! Recycled materials serve a dual purpose in all of our workshops: they help us teach about sustainability while ensuring that each project is as unique as its inventor. This class is appropriate for grades 3-5 and/or kids that have mastered BitBots Basics. Please note: electronic components are not taken home.

(GRADES 3-5)

In SYNTH BitBots the students will conceptualize and create an instrument that they can play themselves. Using the littleBits Synth Kit in conjunction with recycled materials, students will use their innovative instruments to write songs and lyrics and form a band with a sound unlike any other!


Our combination of littleBits with recyclables and found objects sparks imaginations and gets kids thinking like engineers. First, we explain how the littleBits work (simple electronic modules, each with specific functions- motors, motion sensors, lights and more- which can be snapped together magnetically to create larger circuits).  Next, students use re-purposed materials to build a creature or object that they will insert the littleBits into later (for example, they may build a car with bottle-top wheels then add the littleBits to make the car move across the room). At the end, students share their creations with the group!


Utilizing the award-winning littleBits technology along with recycled materials, student make contraptions and creatures that can move and light up!  The recyclables serve a dual purpose in all of our workshops: helping us teach about sustainability while ensuring that the kids are not all using the same materials. Removing the littleBits at the end and returning them to use for next time is part of the process. Material fees go towards art supplies and “littleBit casualties” (some components get broken each semester and must be replaced).