Greenhouse out of Plastic Bottles


Greenhouse out of Plastic Bottles


Solar Heater out of Cans


Solar Heater out of Cans

We are Koko NYC!  We believe that art education is integral to children’s development. The intersection of art, science and technology is at the heart of our classes. We build boats, machines, houses, forts, skate ramps, solar panels, bike generators, solar heaters, greenhouses and more… all out of recycled materials.  


Our most important goals are to empower kids to see their own ideas to fruition, to feel a sense of ownership in their work and to make connections between art and science.


We create an open and encouraging environment that is focused on building student’s confidence in their individual process. Through trial and error, students will learn how things work, gaining engineering and problem-solving skills that they will use in school and beyond!

Our classrooms are child-led and process-based. Students learn skills in technology, engineering and design through experimentation and building rather than following a set of  instructions.  By offering this type of learning space with an untraditional structure and more abstract materials, we believe kids have the opportunity to gain the greatest sense of pride and confidence in what they create and learn crucial skills in problem solving, bravery, abstract thinking and ingenuity. These are skills they will need as they grow into capable doers and makers.


To inquire about our after school programming, please email our Arts Education Director Lea Bender:

In September 2017 we will move to Douglass Street and 3rd Avenue to run most of our classes.


Below are some class offerings for September:

Boat Building

Inventor’s Lab